- 40th Reunion - 2008 -

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Photos from C.J.'s Friday evening:

Hutton, Jordan, Gardner, Baran

Fallon, Emerson, Fultz, Rice, Ball

Fallon, Butler, Traver

Bibbens, Ball

Baran, Ball, Lathrop, Bibbens, Babiartz, Pine

Pine, Babiartz, Ball

Fallon, Butler, Webster

Babiartz, Bibbens

Bibbens, Marland, Ball

Photos from a tour of the Elementary School Saturday afternoon:

David Baran

Babiartz, Pine, Emerson

Fultz, Bibbens, Ball

Pine, Babiartz, Halstead

Emerson, Lathrop, Traver

Baran, Ball

New Gym

Fulltz, Babiartz, Baran

Fultz, Babiartz, Baran

Halstead, Gridley, Fultz, Emerson, Rice

Fulltz, Babiartz, Baran

Emerson, Lathrop, Fultz

Photos from Deveney's (was Riverview) Saturday evening:

Bill Green

Rich Marland

Ed Hazzard, Kathy Rice, Chris Carrington yelling at Liz cause she went to Devaney's for the Alumni banquet!

Della (Rich W.'s friend), Bill Green,Wayne B. with wife, Linda in front of him.

Ed Hazzard