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Class Report from Liz....

Dear All,
I finally figured the totals for attendance at the reunion.  We had 18 classmates at CJ's plus 7 spouses, 12 classmates at the school tour plus 3 others, 16 classmates at the dinner plus 3 spouses, and 22 at Devaney's plus 6 spouse/friends, for a total of 29 classmates attending.  Also, 2 more planned to come that got sick the last thing.  Actually with the short notice we gave, that's really good. 
I keep track of numbers attending and here's some past numbers.  The 10th reunion was held in June for one event and 26 classmates attended.  The 15th was held in August for one event and 15 classmates attended.  The 20th was held in June for 3 events and 35 classmates attended.  The 25th was held in August for 2 events and 26 classmates attended.  The 30th was held in July for 2 events and 22 classmates attended.  Other than the dinner for the 20th, the informal things have drawn more people.  There's 74, that we actually count as our classmates (including Nitra).  Of those, 2 have died, 5 we don't have addresses, 51 have attended at least one reunion, 41 have attended 2 reunions, 26 have attended 3 reunions, 19 have attended 4 reunions, 9 have attended 5 reunions and 5 of us have attended all 6 reunions.  I have all the names and partners, and broken down who's attended what things.  This time we had 4 that had never come before, so there's always hope that some of the others will come yet.
We plan to have the next reunion in 5 years about the same time.  Golf for non-golfers and golfers, has been requested.  Of course, that would depend on the weather.  If you have a place you'd like to go or something you'd like to do, let us know.  I heard some say that they have never seen the pool at the high school.  Maybe we need to have a tour there too.
Wayne is still adding to the website, so keep checking it for new things.
Hope to see all of you at the next reunion.  Keep us up to date on any contact changes.  E-mailing has been a very big help this time.  If anyone finds out where the missing 5 are, please let me know.  I didn't count Alan Call as missing, cause I recently got an address for him.  I'll be trying to contact him this week, and put it on our website if we've found him
Have a healthy happy summer.  Keep in touch.