Harvey Charles Faatz
July 4, 1950 - September 21, 2020

This is part of a Facebook conversation between Wayne Bibbens and Terrie Jerrit, Harvey's 2nd wife:

Hey there. Good to hear from you. I’m Harvey’s x-wife. We were married in 1987 for two years. We came to NY for our honeymoon. Harvey has been living in Rome Georgia till around 2013-14. Then he moved to Fla. His Mom Mildred died Dec. 9 1998. She was here also.

Harvey came back toward Rome in Nov. 2018, made it as far as Cartersville Georgia...ended up in the hospital, for about three months. He didn’t know who he was. Just that he was headed to Rome. He has dementia real bad, now. He does not know who he is and does not talk. He has been living in a Home in Powder Springs, for patients. I haven’t seen him since this covid-19 thing has been going on. I’ve been going to see him every couple of months. He does not talk to me, I’ve only heard him say a couple of words. He does not know who I am. I carried him some pictures, with no luck on recognize any of them.

I’ve talked with the Home. He fell and broke hip, surgery then to rehab. And did not come back to the Home. He is in a Nursing Home near Atlanta, since around March. I’ve tried to contact the Home but with no luck (no visitors). I’ve talked to His Lawyer and Caseworker. I don’t think he is doing good. They have been looking for any family, but can’t find any. I guess when the time comes I will bury him here in Rome next to his Mom. It breaks my heart, he wanted to have his ashes spread over The Chicago Cubs Field.

I have seen dementia both ways, now. Don’t know you and don’t remember themselves or they do know you, and they know they can’t remember. I’m not sure which is best.

I’ve talked to Alan Call, a few times. Not in a while though. Harvey has friends here, my family and friends and a Baptist Church he belonged to. He gave his heart to Christ, before he moved to Florida.
I know he was married at least two times, before me. And a live in. Cindy, Linda and Glenda I think. Not sure. If you know anyone, I would like contact info on them. Harvey was a prison guard in NY for a few years, back in the day. He always loved to drink and watch baseball and football. He liked the lake and playing golf. He has had a lot of jobs while in Rome. I think while we were married. Then he went to driving a big rig out West for a few years, back and forth to Rome.

He had a Home here. We stayed in touch after the divorce, at a distance, you know he did move into my neighborhood. I helped him when his Mom died. Then I helped him sell everything he owned when he went to Fla. I think he quit drinking when he started going to church. That was a life changing event. ( I’m glad, God is Good!)

I hope to go see him when they open the nursing homes back up to visitors. I will tell him you said hello, it might spark a memory. Text any time. Would love to here some stories from back in the day. About Him.

Thanks TJ